Trikala Korinthias

A visit to the stone-built church of St. Dimitrios, in Kato Trikala, built in 1697 with the distinctive mural “Man of Sorrows”, the Monastery of Mother of God at Mesaia Trikala, built in 1700, the church of St. Gerasimos, Ano Trikala, born in Ano Trikala (Upper Trikala) and sanctified post mortem by the Greek Church, and the Monastery of Saint Vlasios located at the foot of the mountain. At the three villages of Trikala, the lower, the middle and the upper Trikala, you can find traditional taverns, coffee shops, enjoy the beautiful views, buy traditional handcrafted products. The climate here is famous for moistureless atmosphere, taste the good local wine, sprinkle wine and drink plenty of Cristal water from the beautiful stone wells.