Plan your winter or summer vacation at Trikala Corinthia, skiing in winter, joying the snow or bathing in the summer on the beautiful beaches of Xylokastrou in the Corinthian Gulf, combined with the freshness of the mountain. You can have any of of the following activities:

Visitng the Lake “Doxa”

Starting from the hostel “Filiantra” towards the lake Doxa, a trip of approximately one hour, passing several villages, you can enjoy your coffee in those beautiful villages, on their central squares, also you can taste local traditional products. Arriving at the lake, there is the marvelous chapel of St. Fanouriou, while on higher grounds, you can admire the view from the monastery of St. George. There, the monks can show you around the monastery, also you should visit the hidden school of the monastery and taste the sweets made from roses by the monks, really an enjoyable experience.

Horse Riding

On the road to Trikala, a few kilometers before arriving in the village of Rethi, there is a farm with horses for riding with escort, riding and enjoying the nature, the mountain and the great views of the Corinthian Gulf.


If you like walking in the nature … you can discover the paths of Trikala, reaching the peaks of Zireias. Taking the paths, you can enjoy the scents of the nature and admire beautiful and rare flowers and herbs. Hear the rustling of the trees, the melodious chirping of birds and who knows you may even see a wild rabbit .. or other wild animals such as horses, domestic cows or even bold foxes. Hiking at Trikala Corinthias is an

Lake “Dasiou”

The lake is located on the Mount Zireia, near the ski center and within half an hour from the hostel Filiantra. In the winter, the lake is dressed in white walking on the frozen lake can be a tremendous experience.

In the summer the lake dries, offering you another color combination with the pine trees that surrounds the bottom of the lake.

The Athletic Center Zireia, Ski and Snowmobile

From December to March, you can enjoy snow at the ski resort of Zireia, just 25 minutes from the hostel Filiantra, doing winter sports such as ski and snow board, with two ski runs (a small and large one). There you can rent ski equipment, snow scooters and with there is a guide to help you explore the surrounding snowy peaks. Riding snowmobiles can be done by kids with a supervisor. At the chalet, you can drink coffee, warm mellow sipping drinks or relax and enjoy the great scenery.

Walking around Trikala

MULTIPLEX “Physi k’ On” is a unique combination of adventure, entertainment and escapism. You can experience the adrenaline of driving off road and mountain bike on three different routes, have fun playing archery, football and basketball with your friends, enjoy coffee, food and drink in our beautiful area. The secure facilities are ideal for the little ones, as they combine entertainment and creativity. With your children you can learn to plant, to wander the gardens, to admire the animals and you can spend endless hours on the playground.